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A passion for all things beautiful and the dedication to the art of jewellery craftsmanship have been the driving force behind Belford since it was established in 1977.




The 1970s was the beginning of the golden age of Hong Kong. The city was reinventing itself from a manufacturing base into a financial centre, and the decade witnessed many important milestones both in the city’s cultural and economical progression. Hong Kong’s luxury jewellery sector was still at its infancy and it was during this fascinating era that Belford Jewellery was first established.


Founded in 1977 by Ms. Leung Kwok Ching and her brother-in-law, Mr. Benson Wong, Belford started off as a passionate hobby of two art-loving owners commissioning designs for good friends and valued clients. Benson, being the youngest sibling in his family, had a natural talent in design at a very young age and a strong passion for all things beautiful. A fashion designer by training, he first gained exposure to the jewellery industry from spending time at his brother’s diamond wholesale company, and was captivated by the dazzling universe of diamonds and gemstones. He realized the endless possibilities he could create by combining the design skills he garnered during his studies in England with the colourful treasures of nature, thus began his love for jewellery design.


Throughout the years, Belford has endeavoured to unite functional art with quality craftsmanship, and with Benson as the forefront, our design team has won numerous awards for their inspiring jewellery designs, and the company has since became an established brand name in the industry.



A passion to create enchanting jewellery of distinctive quality while providing seamless service with utmost integrity and sincerely.
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